ANNUAL REPORT – August 2013

The Endowment includes four funds

  • The Kimmel and Molly Edwards Endowment
    • The Edward’s family farmed in eastern Madison Township.  Kim taught the men’s Sundayschoolclass at the Linden United Methodist Church for many years.  He also served as a Trustee of Madison Township.  Funded in 1994 in an amount of $212,843, of which a portion of the original endowment was utilized towards the construction of our new Church.  The remainder of the endowment was established to assist in the maintenance of the Church properties

  • The Henry and Phoebe Shobe Endowment
    • Henry was a community leader and served as President of the Linden State Bank in its early years.  He also was a Trustee of Madison Township.The Shobe’s were benevolent individuals and known to help local people.  The Shobe’s endowment fund was established through their Last Will and Testament.  They gave $5,000 each to the Linden and to the Kirkpatrick Methodist Churchesto the benefit of Church maintenance.

  • The Mary, Velma, Genevera and Ruby Horney Endowment
    • The Horney sisters lived on their 152 acre farm on the Montgomery-Tippecanoe county line northeast of Kirkpatrick.  They originally were members of the KirkpatrickMethodist Church and also of the Linden-KirkpatrickMethodist Church.  They enjoyed 4M’s along with other activities of the Church. Upon selling their farm,Mary established the Horney endowment in the amount of $10,000 to be used towards the maintenance of the Church. 

  • The Kim McBee Endowment
    • Kim enjoyed supporting the Linden United Methodist Church over the years in several areas.  She was a volunteer secretary for several years, helped start children’s choir programs, either helped or lead summer bible school, taught Sunday school, led bible study groups and many other activities.  She enjoyed starting new programs and watching them grow.  With an original amount of $42,385, the Kim McBee Endowment was established by the McBee family to inspire and to support new and current programs at Linden UMC.


  • The Linden United Methodist Church Endowment Funds
    • Are the responsibility of the LUMC Endowment Team
    • Are invested with the United Methodist Foundation of Indiana, Inc
    • Distributions are governed by donor instructions
      • Cannot distribute the original principal
      • Distributions made according to review of fund performance annually on September 30
    • Contributions to the Endowment can be made by anyone in any amount